(More) About Me

Even as an off-duty learning scientist, I love to learn. I completed a 200-hour training course to teach vinyasa yoga and am really excited to share my love of movement and headstands. And more frustratingly, I'm learning to play golf. Let's just say that I love the sunshine and have no attachment to my golf balls!

My husband and I met while we were each living and teaching in Thailand and that sealed our fate of being lifelong travelers. Most recently, we explored the countryside of Ireland, Switzerland, and Italy. While our next destination is always changing, I have an unshakable affinity for mountains. [Day] hiking them is preferable but I'll settle for a good drive or view any time. 

At home, my furry collaborator is Wallaby "Wally" Closser, the Aussiedoodle. Aptly named, he is a great jumper!

I also read like it is my job and would love to trade recommendations in any subject, especially memoirs and historical fiction. Check out my reading list!