Avery H. Closser

Photo credit: Pat O'Connor (2020)

About Me

I am a Learning Sciences & Technologies doctoral candidate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) working with Dr. Erin Ottmar in the MAPLE Lab. My goal as a learning scientist is to discover how we can leverage the understanding that learning about math is inherently embodied to improve the ways that students receive and interact with instructional materials in online settings.

Originally from Virginia, I attended the University of Richmond for my B.A. in psychology where I pursued research on perception, embodied cognition, and spatial memory. Between undergraduate and graduate studies, I spent two years teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand and Spain where I discovered my passion for education, multimodal communication, and traveling. At WPI, I completed my M.S. in Learning Sciences & Technologies in 2019 and have since continued to research how students' perceptions and cognitive processes impact learning mathematics across physical and online environments.

Beyond research, I adamantly believe in team science and empowering others. I actively pursue opportunities to support fellow researchers and to promote women in STEM through various projects, mentorship roles, and by creating learning communities.