Avery H. Closser

Photo credit: Pat O'Connor (2020)

About Me

I am a Learning Sciences & Technologies doctoral candidate at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) working with Dr. Erin Ottmar in the MAPLE Lab. Originally from Virginia, I attended the University of Richmond for my B.A. in psychology where I pursued research on embodied cognition and the rubber hand illusion. Between undergraduate and graduate studies, I spent two years teaching English as a Second Language in Thailand and Spain where I discovered my passion for education as well as traveling. At WPI, I completed my M.S. in Learning Sciences & Technologies in 2019 and have continued building my research on perceptual and embodied learning in mathematics across physical and online learning environments.

Beyond research, I adamantly believe in team science and empowering others. I actively pursue opportunities to support fellow researchers and to promote women in STEM through various projects, mentorship roles, and by creating learning communities.